A Great Carpenter in Vancouver for you (video)

Need a Great Carpenter in Vancouver?

Be sure to click on the video below. For the past few years since my great Carpenter Lubo became too busy, I’ve been on the lookout for a great carpenter for my customers in Vancouver. Not so easy to find a good carpenter who is available AND at a reasonable price. Well last week something very crazy happened. I was looking for a carpenter on craigslist one morning and had just finished talking to a couple of them on the phone when I get a call from Lubo who I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years. He wanted to know if I needed a good carpenter. It’s a crazy universe we live in. I guess it was just meant to be. He told me his father in law who is a journeyman carpenter from Europe was looking to get back into carpentry after having left the trade to built up and sell some nightclubs. I met Lubo through my friend Tom Hoffman who is a superintendant with Haebler Construction and both of them told me that Julius is as good as they come. If Julius is on Tom’s list of top carpenters in Vancouver then he’ll exceed your expectations.


Customer feedback

As it turned out I had a customer who was looking for a carpenter in Vancouver on the West Side so based on Tom’s and Lubo’s recommendation I sent Julius over to my customer that morning.  My customer Emma is thrilled with him. Many of the joists under the house were rotten because of a roof leak that she was unaware of. With the roof problem now fixed, Julius replaced all of the rotten wood, coated the existing wood with a product to solve the mold problem that had been created by all the moisture and finished up the by replacing the fascia with pressure treated wood that we will paint in a couple of months once the pressure treated wood has cured.

So for anything from building a set of stairs right up to a small renovation, Julius will do an amazing job for you. Call or email us to get in touch with him for an estimate for your project.