Chimney Cleaning in Vancouver

Chimney Cleaning in Vancouver

Chimney Cleaning in Vancouver is still necessary even though we don’t burn wood like people do in other provinces. One of the best things you can do though is to have your chimney inspected before a cleaning. If you don’t recall having this done…It’s time.

Chimney Inspection. Basic visual WETT inspection.

There are two levels of inspection when looking at your chimney. First is a visual inspection. A visual inspection will reveal any code violations with regards to the clearances and installation of stoves/fluepipes, inserts, fireplaces and chimneys. A reputable company will give you a detailed report upon examining the existing condition of each of these systems. It will also reveal any code violations and potential fire hazards. You should also receive a list of recommended repairs and/or safety tips. You should always be around when the inspection is happening so you can have things explained to you at the time. This short video shows you how Julian repairs the inside of a chimney that was not up to code.

Closed Circuit Video Inspection

Any company offering chimney inspection should offer this service. A video camera is inserted into the throat of the chimney from inside your home. This procedure shows you the visual details of any existing problem that could be a fire hazard and/or a code violation. With these violations, your home insurance could be void in the event of a chimney fire. There are certain standards that must be met as determined by the manufacturer, BC Building Code and the B365-01. You should be informed of any potential hazards or code violations. A company like Tristsan Chimney Inspections in Kitsilano can perform both types of inspection for you. The owner Julian can recommend a reliable service for Chimney Cleaning if you need this done.