Clear interior and exterior wood protectant

Clear wood protection for your unfinished wood deck

We found a product that many people are looking for. An environmentally friendly, low VOC, clear wood protector with UV protection for outdoor and indoor use that’s easy to apply. Penofin has been making wood protection products for many years but I always thought they were just for interior use. I was wrong. If you have a look at the photo below you can see the before and after picture of a deck we did in August. This wood is a Brazilian Hardwood but you can see how it enhances the wood more than it colours the wood. This is the clear finish in the Verde Line. The other photo shows the colours that are available. Click here if you want to read about this product on the Penofin website. You can purchase this at Windsor Plywood at 1581 W7th Ave. (604) 739-9717  Ask for John in Hardware. He seems to be the most knowledgeable about this product.

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Penofin Before and After


Penofin Color Chart