Efflorescence: What is it and what can you do (video)

Efflorescence: What is it and what can you do

This video will explain what efflorescence is and what can be done but like many things, prevention is always the best course of action. The best way we know how to prevent this problem is by sealing your surfaces whether they be Slate, Granite, Marble, Blue Stone, Concrete or Brick. It is actually the grout that is the problem but sealing the stone prevents staining from foods, oil and Gasoline, dyes, freeze thaw damage, water damage and even graffiti. Once any material is sealed, even spray paint will wash right off. The sealer we use is the only one of its kind. It is penetrating meaning it does not stay on the surface and penetrates deep into the material being sealed. With this sealer, you only need to seal once and you never seal again…ever. It comes with a written guarantee from the manufacturer if it’s applied by an authorized applicator and Home Smart Home Services is an authorized applicator of this product. Click here to see a short video of the effects of sealing a stone wall.

Call us at (604) 505-2663 to get an estimate for sealing. If your efflorescence problem is not as bad as the one in this video, then it may be possible to remove it prior to sealing.