Great product to help you organize your stuff. Reduce Stress….put this on your walls (video)

Wouldn’t you love all of your stuff organized in one place?

This could be your garage… (watch the video below)

Waltek Photo

I recently crossed paths with Ben who owns Waltek and I was really impressed with his system for organizing all of our household items. What’s different about his product and many others is the quality. I personally went to his home in Kerrisdale where he has his own product in his garage reducing his stress levels by creating an attractive out of the way place to store many of his belongings and sporting gear. This product felt strong and sturdy in my hand. The walls are not made of particle board. They’re made of PVC which is the same material that your drains below ground are made of. This is tough stuff. This system is designed for commercial use in warehouses so you know it will be sturdy enough for your bikes, shoes, lawn mower, boxes etc. It’s not just for your garage either. It can be installed anywhere in your home, business or warehouse if you have one.


Watch the video below then read on from there.



How do you get this product installed and what is the cost?

Home Smart Home Services is an authorized dealer for Waltek. Just contact us by phone (604) 505-2663, by filling out the quick contact form to the right or by clicking here to fill out a request form if you want to tell us about any details you’d like us to know about. I’ll come by and measure and give you a quote. We can even paint the walls before they install the product so the wall your system is attached to looks just as good as the system itself.

No job is too big or too small so don’t be afraid to ask.


All the best