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The problem with Hard Surface Cleaner attachments

Pictured here is a device that came out several years ago. These were designed for large smooth surfaces like concrete parking lots. Used in these situations they are many times faster than using a traditional wand and therefore lower the cost of doing the job.

The problem when used in a residential setting is that they leave lines that run in the direction that the user is walking. If the operator is power washing in a north south direction lines will be left in the surface in a north south direction as seen in here in the picture.

When getting estimates, make sure you know what you’re getting

Most companies estimate based on using this attachment. Just know that your surfaces will show lines like in these pictures. The lines may not be apparent right after the job but they will become more visible as time goes by. It’s too wordy to describe why this is so if you’re curious, send us an email or call. We have a pre written explanation that we can copy and paste to send to you so you know why these line occur. If another companies estimate is much lower than ours it’s probably because they are basing their estimate on using this device. Sometimes a Hard Surface Cleaner works great. Most often though it’s the wrong tool for the job.

Although far from brain surgery, power washing does require a certain degree of skill to get great results without damaging your surfaces. We know when to use cleaners so lower pressure can be used and after 19 years, we know what cleaners work best.

Cleaners don’t always have to be used but they are almost always essential for cleaning vinyl and fiberglass decks and stucco. The cleaners do the work so that high pressure doesn’t damage these surfaces.

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What Can Power Washers Clean?

  • Brick patios
  • asphalt and concrete driveways
  • pavers
  • stucco
  • vinyl siding
  • wood decks
  • city sidewalks
  • fences