Roof Moss Control

When moss is left on your roof, it eats into the shingles and erodes the surface reducing the lifespan of your roof. Moss also lifts shingles which leaves them susceptible to wind damage. On the West Side of Vancouver, all homes need this service. The best time to provide this service is when you just see a bit of green on your roof. At this point simply spraying with our environmentally friendly spray solution is all that is needed. If you do need moss removed we will do this without damaging your roof. Regular spraying will be required to keep moss from returning. We can provide you a free estimate of the ongoing maintenance of your roof so a moss problem never occurs again.

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We work safely

On steep roofs like the one above, our workers tie off with industry standard ropes and harness’s. You can rest easy that no one will be taking any risks while working on your property.

Environmentally Friendly Spraying.

Our spray solution is soap based and is friendly for the environment and won’t hurt your asphalt or cedar shingles.