Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver

Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver

Gutter cleaning in Vancouver seems to be offered by everyone and their dog but very few companies do it right. At Home Smart we vacuum your gutters spotless. Why do we vacuum gutters? Vacuuming sucks! You can’t say that very often and have it be a good thing. Watch the video below to see how clean your gutters will be when you have us vacuum them out. Vacuuming simply sucks everything out of your gutters.  Inside corners are hard to clean by hand because the back of the corner is under the shingles of the roof and getting a hand in there or even a sponge is hard to do. The vacuum nozzle easily gets in there and pulls everything out. Another reason cleaning by hand is not as professional is that the person doing the work can easily cut their hand on the sharp ends where the gutter was cut. Workers are reluctant to clean these areas for this reason.

Standing water

Another reason vacuuming is superior to hand cleaning is that any standing water in the gutter gets sucked out. It’s impossible to pull out water by hand. This water has lots of sediment in it and this sediment and bits of debris can wash down to the outlets and clog your gutters. The last thing you want in the winter is having your gutters cleaned only to have a clog a few weeks later because the person who did it didn’t get everything out.

Nothing goes down to your drains

With vacuuming, there is no need to wash anything down into your drains. When cleaning by hand (like we used to do many years ago) rinsing out the gutters is almost always needed and debris gets washed down into your drains. Vacuuming eliminates this. We still check the elbows that connect to your downspouts to see if they are clogged simply by taping on them. We can tell by the sound if they are clogged or not. If they are we take them apart and clear the clog rather than wash the debris down the drains. This is simply better for your whole system.

Hard to reach areas

Last but not least, vacuuming allows our fellows to clean gutters where there are trees in the way. Our vacuum tubes can reach up to 8 feet. This means that a ladder can be set up beside a really wide tree, shrub or structure and clean 8 feet to the right and left of where the ladder is set up. So if there was something in front of 16 feet of gutter, we can still clean that area. There are many situations were cleaning by hand would be impossible.

Contact us

So if you’ve stumbled on this post and you’d like to have your gutters vacuumed next time, there is a contact form on every page of our website or if you prefer to call our number is (604) 505-2663